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Our Facility Offers:

  • Safe, secure and reliable storage

  • 24 hour access everyday

  • Blocks away from LAX

  • Plenty of parking

  • Keyless lockers with digital access

  • Rent by the hour or day(s)

  • Unlimited access to locker during rental Period

  • We accept the following payments: Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay & Gift Cards (Issued by Visa and Master Card)

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8917 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Ste B Los Angeles, CA 90045


We are located within the C.V.S and Ralphs shopping center.  You will find us behind Hart House, Pizza Hut and TOGOS


Just 1 mile away from LAX terminals off the main entrance of Sepulveda Blvd.




Use our sample locker to determine which size locker to rent


Proceed to kiosk and follow directions to rent a locker

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Taxi service usually offers a flat rate around $20. Confirm this with the driver before entering the taxi.  Upon return to the airport, consider taking Uber or Lyft as they may offer lower pricing entering the airport.

Uber & Lyft: 

Recently, prices for Uber and Lyft have increased when using their services coming out of LAX.  Price range is around $15 - $50 depending on the time of day.  However, you can use their service when retuning to the airport for much less.  Average return cost from our store to LAX is around $12 - $15.   



Walking is not recommended for anyone with children or multiple pieces of luggage.  It is a one (1) mile walk that will take about 20 - 25 minutes.  This should only be an option if you have a backpack or one (1)carry-on bag.   


LAX 24/7 Locker Rentals provides luggage storage just blocks away from LAX Airport. Our facility provides storage for your luggage, backpacks, travel gear and any other personal items. Our store is a self service operation that allows you quick and easy access 24 hours a day!  We provide 24 hour video surveillance and two-way audio communications with a representative any time of day.


  1. Lax 24/7 Locker Rentals will be known as “Rentor”. Customer will be known as“Rentee”.

  2. Storage Of Goods - Rentee agrees not to store any item that can cause damage to their locker and  surrounding lockers and their contents.  Prohibited items include: food, beverages, perishable goods, living plants or animals, waste, flammable or hazardous goods, illegal goods, toxic, polluted or contaminated goods, firearms, munitions or explosives.

  3. Rentee will be responsible for any damage that is caused within the store due to their negligence. That includes any item stored that can cause damage to a locker or surrounding locker and its contents, forcibly opening and closing locker doors, and any act of vandalism.

  4. Liability - Rentor will not be liable for any lost, damaged, and/or stolen items from any locker.  Any items placed in a locker are done so at Rentee’s own risk.  Liability to the Rentor will be limited to the cost of the rental charge.  Rentor will not be liable for any damages caused by delay due to equipment malfunction or any other act that can cause such delays. 

  5. Abandoned Luggage - Any items left in a locker 5 days after any locker rental expiration date will be considered abandoned.  If Rentee can not get back to the store for any reason they need to contact Rentor by phone or email and make arrangements to retrieve their belongings before their locker is 5 days past due.  Rentor will have the right to dispose of such items in any manner they wish if Rentee fails to notify Rentor that they intend to continue their rental.  If Rentee wishes to extend their rental term, an immediate payment must be made (by phone or at the store) to get their locker current in order to continue service.

  6. Rentor reserves the right to inspect any locker that has an offensive odor emitting from the locker or any kind or liquid seeping out from the locker.  Rentor will attempt to contain any such odor or leakage at Rentee's expense.  In some cases, Lysol may be used to mask offensive odors. In severe cases, items may be removed from the locker and placed in a secure area outside of the store.  Rentor will notify Rentee of any such action by written notice placed inside the locker.

  7. Disputes- If there is a dispute over a claim that cannot be resolved, Rentee agrees to waive their right to civil court and seek arbitration.   Fees for arbitration will be split between parties evenly.  Arbitration will be held in Los Angeles County, all rulings are final and will not be subject to appeal.

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